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Electric Scooters are quickly becoming a popular form of alternative transportation in cities around the world, and they are slowly but surely making their way to Irish cities, such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick!

They help save money, promote a cleaner environment, and help enrich lives in ways few people recognize. The best electric scooters on the market today are capable of speeding up inclines, traveling long ranges, and come with a wide array of accessories.

The Many Joys Of Electric Scooters

You might think the only reason to buy an e-scooter is to save money compared to buying a car or moped.

We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of other reasons as well! Among the many joys of owning and riding an electric scooter, there are benefits to one’s health, the global environment, and even the people around you.

Consider these benefits of electric scooters and perhaps you’ll realize just what a wonderful addition an e-scooter can make to one’s life.

1. Save Money On Daily Commutes

No one likes to spend money when they don’t have to but, even when necessary, it’s still hard to depart with one’s hard-earned cash. Let's take the United States as a prime example.

The average person living in the United States spends $2600 per year on commuting costs associated with traveling to and from work each day. In larger metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco these rates can be more than $5000 per year! Most of this expense is from fuel costs—an expense almost entirely eliminated when driving an electric scooter to work. You’ll still pay for some electricity to charge your scooters battery at night but you can probably get away with using company electricity to charge up after your morning commute—that cuts your expense in half!

2. Cheaper Than Cars

The day-to-day energy cost of electric scooters is far lower than that of fossil fuel vehicles such as cars or buses. A quality electric scooter such as the Xiaomi M365 or Segway Ninebot isn’t an impulse purchase. The quality parts and engineering that go into such high-quality scooters make the price outside of the range considered “cheap,” but still far below that of a low quality used car. When comparing the cost of an electric scooter with that of an old used car, buying an electric scooter can start to save money in as little as a few months. For example, if you bought or leased a car which cost $200 per month, you could have paid for an electric scooter completely in 4 months. After the four-month mark, you’d be saving hundreds of dollars per month without considering how much you’d be spending on gas! All you have to do is keep things running smoothly!

3. More Private Than Buses, Subways, Or Cabs

One of the strongest arguments against purchasing an electric scooter just to save money is that public transportation can save money as well. Rather than buying or leasing a car, many commuters choose to right buses, trains, or cabs to and from work each day. These forms of transportation are cheaper than buying or leasing a car and are similar to the ongoing cost associated with an electric scooter. The major downside to these forms of transportation is their unpredictability. You never know what kind of person you’ll be stuck with when riding the bus. Additionally, areas such as these are among the places one is most likely to get sick. We won’t even bother factoring in the prices of increased medical cost and just leave the argument at “would you rather ride a scooter to work or catch the flu on the bus?”

4. Charge Easily At Work

Finding time to recharge an electric scooter seems like a hurdle to many first time buyers. In fact, it’s not very different than charging ones smartphone or laptop, though you may need a bit more desk space! In all seriousness though, the ability to charge an electric scooter anywhere that has an outlet, usually free of charge, is a strong selling point few take into consideration immediately. Imagine if you worked at a gas station and filled your car up without paying every day. You’d likely be fired the second your boss caught on. However, plugging in an electric scooter in an office outlet isn’t likely to even raise an eyebrow!

5. Great Way To Get Exercise

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that electric scooters don’t require any physical exercise to use. In fact, the physical engagement while riding an electric scooter is much more intense than most other common forms of transportation except well, you know—push scooters! When riding an electric scooter one has a much stronger physical connection to the environment around them. Legs absorb small shocks from the terrain, arms help stabilize the escooter, and one’s core and back muscles are engaged while standing. Riding an electric scooter is, in many ways, a light callisthenic workout that can help promote support natural fitness and health!

6. Cut Down Carbon Footprint

Our motto here at Skoot is 'End the pollution, join the Skoot Revolution', and this statement is something which we truly believe in as a business. 

As the population of planet Earth has risen and the production of fossil fuel consuming technologies has risen alongside it, the damage to global climate has become very real. Alternative fuel sources such as solar and wind are helping to replace coal-burning power plants but little has been done to remove dependencies of fossil fuels among consumer transportation. Electric scooters help reduce the demand for fossil fuels in such a way that may one day help reduce global demand for fossil fuel burning cars. This is a scary thought to many auto-manufacturers and big oil companies. Electric scooters still aren’t a feasible means of transportation for many in rural areas, or those with extra long daily commutes, but for everyone else they are a way to help actively fight climate change.

7. Open Up New Social Circles

There is nothing like a new hobby or activity to meet fun new people that have a shared interest. One might think that buying an electric scooter is like buying a new tv, computer, or smart device—an expense—but the truth is that such purchases are lifestyle changes. Electric scooter owners have new daily routines, new options for transportation, and a new perspective on their daily lives. This shift in daily routine will open you to new experiences and help you meet new people. The expanding of one’s social circle is always a fun and exhilarating experience and electric scooters make it that much better!

8. Really Get To Know Your City

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by walking around on foot rather than driving in a car or riding the bus. The point of view afforded by an electric scooter is much more intimate than that which is found when trapped in a vehicle, confined to major roadways and thoroughfares. Using an electric scooter to explore your city or hometown can help you get in touch with the everyday details most responsible for its character. You’ll feel the texture of the roads and streets, you’ll smell the variety within the food and dining districts, and you’ll be able to better hear the sounds of your cities daily activities in a way that other forms of transportation simply can’t provide. Riding an electric scooter through the city offers the same wonderful experience of walking to work every day, but it lets you do so quickly enough to fit into your schedule!

9. Avoid Germs Common To Public Transportation

Have you ever been crammed into a bus or shared a cab with someone that had a cold? If so, you’ve likely felt the fear of catching cold in such a way you feel should be avoidable. For every person you see sneeze or cough in a public area there are likely thousands more that you don’t see. There are germs all around us, every day, and eliminating contact with commonly touched areas is one of the surest ways to cut down your exposure risk. Places like door handles, seats, support bars, and overhead compartments used in public transportation are among the likeliest places to find germs. Electric scooters won’t necessarily protect you from catching a cold but they can remove the necessity of relying of transportation systems that are notorious for getting people sick.